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    BoilCom company is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance networks and communications equipment adapted to harsh military environments.Registered in Florida, USA in 1967,Focus on reliable communications products for more than 50 years,Specializing in communications products, the main customers for military enterprises,and entered the field of industry in the year 2003,Products are widely used in power, chemical, municipal, transportation and other industries.In 2016, an assembly line was established in China and authorized for sale,At present, the products sold in China are for industrial .

    Boilcom's entire range of products includes highly reliable Ethernet switches, routers, serial communications, and protocol converters.

    Boilcom's products are highly resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI),Wide operating temperature range (-40 - 85),Shock resistance,high reliability,Integrated industrial power,Redundant and load balancing.

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